Welcome to our website

Welcome to East Kilbride Walking Football website - Or the Gerihatricks!


a) East Kilbride walking football began in October 2014

b) The Club is based at the Alistair McCoist Centre G75 9LW

c) It started off with10 members and it has more than doubled in size to 22 regulars

d) Age group at the moment ranges from 55 to 84

e) They play Mondays and Fridays from 11.00 am until 12.00 noon

f) The basic rules are; no running, no tackling but with plenty of laughs

g) It is played in a non competative spirit

f) If you wish to contact us, or leave a comment, use the email address gerihatricksek@gmail.com,  However, the contact address shown does not give you direct access to the webpage you must use your own direct email link in a separate email message to the webpage.


Denny Byrne

East Kilbride
G75 9LW